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    ALVI Life: An ALternate View

    At Alvi Life, we’re creating a space to find information and products with a bit of style and fun, to help ditch single-use habits.

    Alvi Life is for everyone, no matter where you are on your Eco journey.

    So how can you take an ALternate VIew and change your current habits? How about choosing one area of waste to tackle at a time? Focusing on one habit at a time can help make it stick for the long run. Check out our articles for some ideas…

    • Try a ‘Macaron’ article, to give you bite-sized information.
    • When you’re ready, how about a ‘Dessert Tasting Plate’ article, which includes a few steps.
    • Soon, we’ll have ‘The Whole Cake’ available with 52 ways to be Eco-friendly in 2019.

    Alvi Life Team

     x Amy

    from the Alvi Life Team

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