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    ALVI Life: An ALternate VIew

    Hi, I'm Amy and I started Alvi Life to help people live a simple and sustainable life. At Alvi Life, we create reusable shopping bags with a bit of style and fun, to help ditch single-use habits.

    Alvi Life is for everyone, no matter where you are on your Eco journey. So how can you take an ‘ALternate VIew’ and change your current habits? How about choosing one area of waste to tackle at a time? Focusing on one habit at a time can help make it stick for the long run. Check out our articles for some ideas…

    • Try a ‘Macaron’ article, to give you bite-sized information.
    • When you’re ready, how about a ‘Dessert Tasting Plate’ article, which includes a few steps.
    • Soon, we’ll have ‘The Whole Cake’ available with 52 ways to be Eco-friendly.

    I'm excited to share that we'll soon be launching the Australian Art Series!

    In our special edition Australian Art series, four talented artists from Australia and New Zealand bring their diverse depictions of Australia to life on Alvi Life reusable shopping bags. Each artist shares their unique interpretation of modern ‘Australiana’, from hand-drawn illustrations to ink print art and digital designs.

    We’re excited to partner with these amazing artists to create an Australian range that depicts the flora, fauna and landscapes we’re aiming to protect. Yep, I’m nerd-ing out over how incredibly talented these women are!

    If you're an artist, fashion house or business interested in collaborating on a bag in the future, please get in touch.

     x Amy

    from the Alvi Life Team

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