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    ALVI LIFE RESUSABLE BAGS: Earth-Loving Bags Featuring Original Australian Art

    Going green doesn’t have to be boring.

    There is a greener (and prettier!) alternative to plastic bags.


    Alvi Life Australian Art Series!

    In our special edition Australian Art series, four talented artists from Australia and New Zealand bring their diverse depictions of Australia to life on Alvi Life reusable shopping bags.

    Each artist shares their unique interpretation of modern ‘Australiana’, from hand-drawn illustrations to ink print art and digital designs. We’re excited to partner with these incredible artists to create an Australian range that depicts the flora, fauna and landscapes we’re aiming to protect. Yep, I’m nerd-ing out over how incredibly talented these women are!

    The Australian Art Series works beautifully as a set. Or, simply choose your favourite one or two to add to your Alvi Life reusable bag stash. They’re available for pre-order via our Kickstarter campaign <link>.

    What’s a Kickstarter campaign?

    A Kickstarter campaign is similar to pre-ordering in that you order your items before they’re released to the public. The difference is that these special edition bags only get printed, and you only get charged, if we reach our pre-order goal. Order your special edition Australian Art Series Alvi Life bags HERE <link>. 

    I feel honoured to collaborate with these artists to bring you this special edition Australian Art Series.

    Meet Our Artists

    flossy-p: Giant Wombat and Girl

    Sarah 1

    Sarah Lyttle, lovingly known as ‘flossy-p’ is an illustration and watercolour artist, recognised for her dream-like giant Wombat scene. Flossy-p’s imaginative work transports us to long forgotten, magical lands and reminds us of the joy of ‘play’. Seriously, what could be better than adventuring through life with a giant wombat by your side!

    What inspires you?

    A while back I relocated from an inner-city terrace, to a small coastal town on the mid-north coast. Our house backs onto a bushy koala reserve, at the foot of some dramatic hills. Since the change I find all sorts of critters and nature creeping into my home and my art (sometimes literally!). I create pencil drawings and watercolour paintings, often featuring native Australian flowers, plants and animals, highlighting the communion between people and nature.

    Flossy-p is an unique name - how did you get it?

    As a child I was tricked by a family friend that at everyone is born with a name (much like a Cabbage Patch Kid) that gets changed. I was convinced that my ‘real’ name was Alice Flossy Pumpernickel. It took some years to realise they were pulling my leg and the name has stuck with me. The nickname subconsciously acts as a timestamp, capturing the childlike qualities of that time in our lives when reality and imagination blend together. A time when you're aware of style but not limited by it, a time before self-criticism, and when joy, adventure and nurture are utmost.


    Laura Blythman: Rainbows

    Designer, illustrator and creative director, Laura Blythman, is renowned for her vibrant use of colour and paper collage. Her distinct aesthetic has garnered her a legion of fans and a super happy and colourful portfolio of work.  With a rainbow of colour by your side, Laura’s uplifting Alvi Life bag design will brighten your day.

    What inspires you?

    My work is a playful and colourful collection of dreamt and imagined landscapes, flora, fauna and magical places.  I’m drawn to colour because it just makes me so happy, it never fails to lift my mood. I love making people smile and have had people tell me ‘Your work has just made me feel 20% happier’.  It’s SO awesome hearing that.

    Tell us about your process:

    My process involves covering loads of big sheets of beautiful watercolour paper in a variety of delicious colours and copper or gold leaf. Then I cut the sheets up into a million pieces and put them back together again as new artworks. I often add my hand drawn signature and painted detail too.

    I’ll usually have a few creations that I’m working on at any one time; focusing on any design for a maximum of a few hours at a time. Some designs can come together in a few hours while others can take months.



    Victoria McGrane from The Scenic Route: Fairy Wren and Rainbow Lorikeet

    The Scenic Route is the creative project of artist and designer, Victoria McGrane. With a background in visual arts and a career in fashion and textile design, Victoria has a distinctive aesthetic and creates intricately illustrated botanical artworks, inspired by nature. Her designs conjure a feeling of calm and entice us to explore and appreciate nature in all its glory. This gorgeous design conjures escaping the city and immersing yourself/ getting lost in nature.  Bring on having a picnic in the woods, eating cucumber sandwiches wrapped in napkins and bird watching!

    What inspires you?

    I’m fuelled by my love of travel and the unique landscapes, colours, flora and fauna of Australia. We’ve recently moved to Burketown, North Queensland on the remote Gulf of Carpentaria. I love the pace of life and it gives me an opportunity to connect further with nature. I’m enjoying taking walks, exploring the savanna woodlands and native grasslands and studying the Eucalyptus and Melaleuca trees.

    What does it mean to take ‘The Scenic Route’ to you?

    The name The Scenic Route reflects my personal philosophy - to always choose the path less travelled, appreciate the scenery and to enjoy the journey, not worry about the destination. Taking the ‘scenic route’ is the basis for the inspiration behind my designs. It’s about enjoying all the beauty and joy the world has to offer by living a healthy, happy, ethical life full of colour, pattern, art and beauty.



    Lamai Anne: Rainbow Lorikeet and Eucalyptus Bloom

    Originally from New Zealand, Lamai Anne’s designs showcase a love of Australian flora and fauna, with a strong focus on colour. Her meticulously illustrated pieces inspire us to stop and appreciate the wonder of the natural world  that surrounds us each day. Lamai Anne often shares her designs part way through methodically creating them, showing her care in accurately capturing their beauty. Lamai’s design is a reminder of the stunning simplicity of nature and our role in preserving it.

    What inspires you?

    We live in a semi-rural Australian town, at the foot of a national park and my setting is inspiration for my artworks. I love Australian flora and fauna and it’s often the change in seasons that inspires me the most. The way a dormant flowering gum bursts to life in summer, then leaves behind beautiful gum nuts by autumn. When you take a closer look, you discover all the colour and beauty of our world – it’s simply inspirational.

    How has your creative path evolved?

    I’ve been practising and challenging my artistic curiosity for much of my life. My working career began in the sign and design fields before moving on to textile design. My first fabric collection was showcased through Robert Kaufman, almost five years ago and now I work across both traditional and digital media. Being completely self-taught has given me the freedom to approach my artwork in an organic way.




    The Alvi Life Bags Story

    About Alvi Life Bags

    Alvi Life reusable shopping bags roll up to fit in your handbag or pocket. It’s your trusty sidekick that’s always there, even when you do an unexpected shop!

    Our Eco-friendly bags:

    • Roll up to fit in your handbag or pocket
    • Carry up to 20 kg
    • Can be hand washed in cold water
    • Measure: Bag body width: 50 cm. Total height: 69.3 cm (body 42.4 cm and handle 26.9 cm)
    • Weight: 55 grams

    What people are saying about Alvi Life:  


    “I LOVE your bags. I'm always getting compliments on how fresh and different the designs are. They are fun, practical and so easy to keep in my handbag. I recommend you all the time. Awesome product. Thanks. Madonna, QLD


    I purchased the Three pack of different designs, absolutely love them. Very stylish, strong, large bag that folds up easy and small. Very happy with my purchase and I would highly recommend. Thank you. Ashlee, QLD


    “I have these bags and I think they are great. They are a great size and I managed to get all my shopping in 5 bags. I would definitely recommend these bags. Debbie, VIC


    “I really love your bags and recommend them to anyone who’ll listen. Mich, NSW

    The Alvi Life factory is:

    • Tested for harmful substances (OEKO-Tex certified)
    • BSCI tested to comply with employee health, labour laws, and environmental and safety initiatives.
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