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    What's your Shipping Policy?

    Shipping is just $6.75 or free on orders of $45 or more.

    Place your order before 8 pm and we usually pop it in the post the following working day. We guarantee it will be in the post within 2 working days (48 hrs from your order).

    How can I roll my bag up?

    See the instructions tag on the inside of your bag for a step by step guide on how to roll your bag. You can also view a video of how to roll your bag.

    How much can I carry?

    Your Alvi Life bag can carry up to 20 kg

    Can I wash my bag?

    You can hand wash your bag in cold

    What are the bag measurements

    Measure: Bag body width: 50 cm. Total height: 69.3 cm (body 42.4 cm and handle 26.9 cm)

    How much does my bag weigh?

    Your bag weighs 55 grams

    Tell me about the Alvi Life factory:

    The Alvi Life factory is located in China. It's Oeko-Tex certified, which means it's tested for harmful substances. The factory is also BSCI tested to comply with employee health, labour laws, and environmental and safety initiatives.

    What is my bag made of? 


    Alvi Life is currently working on a bag made from Recycled Plastic bottles (rPET). Watch this space!

    What's the Alvi Life Privacy Policy?

    You can view our Privacy Policy here.

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